Fast way to test your business scope in real life

In four days we deliver minimum viable product - application with enough features that you can start real life implementation. Further development is then based on data from real users. This risk avoiding solution saves money and time by eliminating mistakes. This can be achieved by agile development, feedback and flexible technological approach.

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How It Work's


User Experience

Product brief and basic behavior. Structure of key features.



Application design and access hierarchy. Personalization and search database.



Application testing and debugging. Key features optimization.



Graphical customization. user friendly interface.

1. Risk management tool

Four days is great solution for testing business ideas in cheap and quick way.

Within four days

We will build basic application which can be implemented in real life use. This step will allow you to gather data from real users which you can analyze and optimize further application development. Therefore you will make your business decision in real time as application develops. Cost is also significantly lower in comparison with full feature app development.

2. Agile development and feedback

Working on short term deadline base resolves in more accurate implementations in a long run.

Development is based

On users’ data and feedback from very beginning therefore is much more fitted to final user than “blueprint” app. This organic approach give us ability to react and upscale if needed in very short time. This is crucial.

3. Advanced technology and flexibility

Software is developed by skilled professionals who use current technology

Software is ready

To be scaled up and further developed. The amount of flexibility in terms of database, level access, personal space, presets, backend modules gives you power to quickly adjust to desired specification.

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